Construction Road Works, Building and Civil Construction

Waleosb Investments competitive edge is a combination of the unique product, interaction with clients and experience in the field. The cut boulders are not only a rare or unique but it is a “Green” product that provides options for many potential customers in the community. By providing clients an education on the services the Company provides, this builds relationships for trust and satisfaction. We pride ourselves on professionalism, transparency and good business values.

  • Pre-Investment – We first seek to understand our clients and their projects and needs with the guideline of KYC
  • Know Your Client – Performing Relevant Due Diligence.
  • Investment Processing – Appointing a third party to verify the background and status in order to confirm documents validity. Our investment committee will re-examine the projects for the project sign-off approval.
  • Financiers’ Business Development – Consider the value of their collateral and their repaying capabilities.
  • Post-Investment – We keep track and monitor the projects development; analyse performance gaps between targeted and actual performance and the on-going economic status of the borrowers and their operations.
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