Information Technology and Telecommunication

Waleosb Investment unit focuses on creating value through the development and/or acquisition and strategic management of early stage opportunities with a compelling concept, good management, and significant growth potential. Waleosb Investments acquires controlling interests in assets that we can manage for value. We further acquire strategic investments in our chosen sectors in mid-market opportunities alongside our private equity and other funding partners, in the ICT and Resources sectors.

  • Pre-Investment – We first seek to understand our clients and their projects and needs with the guideline of KYC
  • Know Your Client – Performing Relevant Due Diligence.
  • Investment Processing – Appointing a third party to verify the background and status in order to confirm documents validity. Our investment committee will re-examine the projects for the project sign-off approval.
  • Financiers’ Business Development – Consider the value of their collateral and their repaying capabilities.
  • Post-Investment – We keep track and monitor the projects development; analyse performance gaps between targeted and actual performance and the on-going economic status of the borrowers and their operations.
  • 2017
  • 2018

Waleosb Investments raise, structure and deploy capital of self-initiated and identified projects through a co-ordinated and managed Turnkey Solution Systems (Build, Operate and Transfer “BOT”) Strategic Partnership Alliances. Waleosb Investments has identified areas of new opportunities – Insurance, Investment Banking and Advisory Services.

Why choose us?

Compelling Concept

We seek investments with industry defining capability, whether as a result of technological innovation, market gap, or channel innovation. We explore geographies with strong market potential, where we can achieve early mover status.

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Strong Management

Waleosb Investment seeks to invest in businesses with strong management that are highly experienced in the industry sector in which they participate and have a solid track record of achievements and integrity before them.

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Economic Opportunity

Waleosb Investments is fast developing strong and solid business relationships with different Private Equity Funds, Asset and Wealth Management companies and leading financial institutions globally. We have appetite for economic opportunity.

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