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Europlaw Group, operating predominately from the Republic of South Africa and the United Kingdom, decided to establish the SADC-focused Europlaw Group Fund. From its base in South Africa, the fund will focus its attention on both the SADC and the African continent. The founding members for the Europlaw Group Fund are the Europlaw Group of Companies, Forex Brief (Pty) Ltd, Tradefin International Ltd registered in England and Wales and other highly skilled reputable professional individuals who have already succeeded themselves in their different business careers. Our aim is to combine over 300 years of expertise in the international law, the financial trading markets to minimise possible risk and to maximise return on investment, both local and international clientele. Europlaw Group Fund believes that the Republic of South Africa is the springboard and the development hub for the sub-Saharan African continent, and we as Europlaw Group Fund hold the key to the door that will unlock the corridor of wealth enrichment into this amazing continent. Europlaw Group is a member of The International Association of Lawyers (UIA – Union Internationale des Avocats) situated in Paris, France and a member of the Global Law Experts, situated in London, England, United Kingdom.

The 5th day of March 2021 marked a significant milestone for the founding members of the Europlaw Group Fund. On this day, the General Partner/s for Europlaw Group Fund entered into an Investment Management and Partnership Agreements with our licensed Fund Managers regulated in the Republic of South Africa for the newly established Europlaw Group Fund. The exclusive General Partner, known as International Paymaster Trustee Services Group (Pty) Ltd, situated in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa, is responsible for the operations and management of the Europlaw Group Fund. The Europlaw Group Fund is a fund that will utilise debt instruments in its composition. This option provides the fund with an investment strategy that is defined as a lower risk option, within the Venture Capital and Private Equity industry and markets. We participate in both the venture and private equity space where major banks lack financing in southern Africa as well as a large part of sub-Saharan Africa where there is a desperate need of job creation and community upliftment in multiple sectors. The Europlaw Group Fund identifies the opportunities not only to elevate people’s lives through job creation and new opportunities for entrepreneurs, but by generating significant return on investment for our funders.

Our aim is to build a reputable profitable fund that has a far reaching national and international influence that goes beyond profitability successes but encompasses the stated goals of community upliftment and social responsibility. Europlaw Group Fund is transparent, and focus driven to be associated with only international business leaders who understand and respect the critical role that businesses play in our economy as well as the impact it has on job creation and upliftment for communities and the economy. Our highly skilled directors offer project management and a wealth of experience in a variety of different areas of international marketplace. This enables us to identify opportunities and swiftly implement critical business decisions and changes when needed. Our objective is to invest in a diverse portfolio of loan and debt instruments in sub-Sahara Africa by partnering with existing state entities and private public initiates. Investments will be made primarily by way of shareholder loans in unlisted private companies. We would invest across the spectrum in several industries within sub-Sahara Africa to spread the risk and to our diversity portfolio.

Europlaw Group Fund offers a regulated investment platform through our licensed fund managers for national and international investors that can be utilized to fund bankable projects through the Europlaw Group Fund. The target industries for the Fund are mining, agriculture, commercial property, asset financing, commodity trading, information and communication technology, manufacturing, aviation and related industries. The directors of Europlaw Project Management (Pty) Ltd have jointly completed successful projects within South Africa and the rest of the African Continent in aggregate, to date, more than USD 1,800,000,000.00 (one billion eight hundred million United States dollars). With our 300 combined years plus in total of expertise across the board in the international law and the financial trading markets, Europlaw Group Fund wants to contribute and assist by entering into formal mutual and strategic business collaboration with other Venture, Equity and hedge funds nationally and internationally.

Europlaw’s evolution comes from years of experience in the above fields of expertise. Not many businesses are more challenging on the intellectual capital than those of transacting in variety of financial guarantees and instruments, bonds, platform trading, private placement programmes and project funding, which our years of experience in all related legal and financial aspects have afforded our group to be professionals in our approach and aptitude in these financial expert areas. Europlaw is focused on the implementation and provision of capital market services, escrow agent services, paymaster services, project funding and financing. We also focus on provision of financial instruments and advisory for the monetisation of assets, financial instruments, and merger and acquisitions transactions. These services are suitable for high-net-worth individuals, companies and corporations of all sizes. The group’s core strategy is based on the concept of reputable and intelligent partnerships and alliances. Through these, our in-house experts from the fields of law, business, asset management, project management, project funding and financing, paymaster services, escrow services, fiduciary, audit and tax advisory we deliver excellent services to clients at reasonable and competitive rates.

Europlaw Group Fund has implemented strategies for early-stage investing, and how those strategies can translate into a successful launch for budding start up entrepreneurs. Success involves not only a solid, professional team with great innovative ideas, but it also requires the willingness and ability to change and adapt to an ever-changing world. Anyone can identify trends once they have broken, but a successful investor needs to see several steps ahead of the pack with vision, pragmatism and understanding of the landscape. This ability helps Europlaw Group Fund knows where to focus their attention and, eventually, how to weed out the snake oil from the true value pitches. For us, that means looking at emerging behavioural trends and shifts in culture. What we’re looking to understand is where people and companies are going to spend their time and money – not only today, but into the future. So, we conduct research with strictest due diligence to ascertain if there are all the supporting factors for projects being successful with due cost to profit ratios for longevity and sustainability.

We do not make ill informed, undisciplined, one-off small unsustainable investments, but rather we provide long-term growth support, mentorship and where needed on past performance we follow on with additional investment as required. In addition, we not only invest, but we also multiply the huge assets of our different service providers to grow the business, to provide necessary support and finances as well. Both Europlaw Group SJ Asset Management Limited, registered in Ireland and Europlaw Group (UK) Limited, registered in England and Wales, will jointly serve as one of the service provider to allocate assets for the beneficiary of The Europlaw Group Fund. We are looking into joint development emanating from South Africa to sub-Sahara African markets, and that is the Africa vision we have for the future of our continent. As a venture and capital fund and as entrepreneurs, we are looking forward to working with African entrepreneurs to create that opportunity, then, together for the present and far into the future, creating sustainability, education and transference of our professional skills and mindsets as a team together. Please visit The Europlaw Group Fund short introduction video link at:

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